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NANOG Member Credentials

From time to time you need to use your NANOG Member Credentials to access certain features of NANOG Membership.  This page will help you determine what information is needed, and how to confirm your membership status.  If after reviewing this page, you are still experiencing difficulties, please send a message to member-support at nanog dot org and a member of the NANOG Staff will assist you.


Log into the NANOG Profile Service

Enter your username or email address and password, click the Sign In button.  If you forgot your password, click the I forgot button, and you will receive an email at the account on file with a link to reset your password.


Once logged in you will see the Welcome Page. This page contains links to your profile information, membership details, and email account links.  It also provides links to the current NANOG Conference registration, Program Commitee Tool, and when active, Nominations Forms and Election Ballot.


To confirm your username, click on the MyProfile tab.  The first item listed is the username on your account.  This is the information necessary for participating in the Nominations and Elections process.



To confirm your membership status, click on the Membership tab.  If you are a current member, the information will display with your membership since date, and when your current membership expires.  If you are an expired Member, you can click the link to purchase membership.


Click on the E-Mail tab to confirm the addresses associated with your account, and make changes to how you'd like to receive email from NANOG.