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2011 NANOG Election Ballot


General Information

2011 Election Results

2011 Board of Directors Candidates

2011 Program Committee Candidates

2011 Communications Committee Candidates

2011 Development Committee Candidates 

NewNOG Bylaws


General Information

2011 NANOG Elections General Information

Hello NANOGers!

Per the NewNOG bylaws, we are approaching the annual NANOG election and appointment time. In addition to the series of "call for nominations" messages at the opening of each period, we provide an overview and time line ahead of the actual election process. Hopefully, this will get more of the community to become members of NANOG and to consider standing for a role in one of the Committees that helps makes NANOG what it is. Also, a reminder, only NANOG members will  be eligible to vote and service in the 2011 election process. Click here to become a member today!

Please send nominations to [email protected]. If you are nominating another person, please provide that person's name and email address. If you are nominating yourself, please provide a Statement of Intent and a Biography, each with a suggested limit of 150 words. For samples, please see the 2010 candidate lists.


NANOG Board of Directors


The NANOG Board of Directors  is an active and engaged component of NANOG. The Board of Directors is responsible for and works closely with the Committee Chairs to promote, support, and improve NANOG. The Board is responsible for the selection of the Program Committee, the Communications Committee, and the Finance Committee. The Board is responsible to the membners ensuring that the NANOG organization  remains, open, relevant, uselful, and financially sound.

Elections for the Board will be held in October 2011. In addition to the usual three expiring terms, a fourth member will be elected this year to a one-year term to fill a vacancy. 

Per the bylaws, Board members must be members of NANOG and attend at least two of three NANOG meetings per year while in office. Each candidate must declare any and all affiliation(s) relevant to NANOG, which will include his or her main employer, as well as any other major relationships (for instance, if a candidate's primary employer is a nonprofit entity which is sponsored by a vendor, the candidate would declare both the nonprofit and the vendor as affiliations).

Confirmed candidates will also be asked to complete a questionnaire about their qualifications, and to submit a statement of candidacy to be presented at the members meeting during NANOG 53.

A good candidate will have experience with Internet engineering, operations, and governance organizations as well as the principles and practices which guide them. Consensus organizing, leadership, outreach and communication skills are prized, and a willingness to be engaged in the governance process is required.


NANOG Program Committee


The Program Committee is a group of sixteen individuals from the NANOG community who together are responsible for the solicitation and selection of material for NANOG meeting programs.

The Board of Directors will select a new Program Committee afer the election in October. Eight positions are to be filled.

Per the NewNOG bylaws, eligible candidates each will serve a two-year term, with eight terms ending each year. No Program Committee member will serve more than two consecutive full terms, although additional terms may be served after a one-year interval.  To be eligible to be appointed as a member of the Program Committee, an individual must have attended one NANOG conference within the prior calendar year (12 months) and be a member in good standing.

One member of the Board of Directors will serve ex officio (without a vote) on the Program Committee, in order to facilitate communication between the two groups. Broad technical knowledge of Internet operations and familiarity with NANOG meetings are useful attributes. Having constructive opinions and ideas about how NANOG meetings might be improved is of high value. A willingness to recruit presentations for each meeting is required.


NANOG Communications Committee


The Communications Committee will consist of at least three members selected by the Board of Directors. Members of the Communications Committee may not serve concurrently on the Board of Directors. The chairperson of the Communications Committee will serve ex officio in a non-voting role on the Board of Directors, in order to facilitate communication between the two groups.

One of the primary functions of Communications Committee is the maintenance of a community mailing list (the NANOG operators list). The Communications Committee will be responsible for the administration and minimal moderation of the list.

The Board of Directors will select the Communications Committee after the election in October. Two positions are to be filled.

The main NANOG mailing list serves an important role in the community by providing a day-to-day forum for network operators. Participating as a member of the Communications Committee gives you the opportunity to make a noticeable contribution.


NANOG Development Committee


The Membership and Development Committee will consist of at least three members selected by the Board of Directors.   Members of the Membership and Development Committee may not serve concurrently on the Board of Directors. The chairperson of the Membership and Development Committee will serve ex officio in a non-voting role on the Board of Directors, in order to facilitate communication between the two groups.  __ Positions are to be filled.


Budget and Finance Committee


The Budget and Finance Committee will be responsible, along with the Executive Director and Board of Directors, for NANOG's budgeting and financial planning.

The Budget and Finance Committee will consist of at least three members selected by the Board of Directors. Members of the Budget and Finance Committee may not serve concurrently on the Board of Directors. The chairperson of the Budget and Finance Committee will serve ex officio in a non-voting role on the Board of Directors, in order to facilitate communication between the two groups.

Budget and Finance Committee members will serve a two-year term, with terms staggered such that as close to half as possible of the terms expire each year. No member will serve more than two consecutive terms, although additional terms may be served after a one-year interval.  __ Positions are to be filled.


Event Logistics Committee Membership and Selection


The Event Logistics Committee will consist of at least three members selected by the Board of Directors. Members of the Event Logistics Committee may not serve concurrently on the Board of Directors. The chairperson of the Event Logistics Committee will serve ex officio in a non-voting role on the Board of Directors, in order to facilitate communication between the two groups. __ Position are to be filled.




If you care about NANOG as a set of fora and think you would like to take a turn at volunteering your time to help make it better, and you are not a member, please consider jointing and either volunteering yourself or nominating someone else.

Also, as NANOG continues to evolve, these committees will continue to play an increasingly important role in our success. By joining now, you can be an integral part of the process.

For more information about the role of any committee, or to find out more about what's involved in being a committee member, please do consult the current NANOG Bylaws or contact someone who is already serving and ask them directly.

Best regards,

Steve Feldman
on behalf of the NANOG Board of Directors

Election Timeline
Call for Board member nominations August 11, 2011
Bylaws discussed, proposed changes explored August 29, 2011
Call for Development Committee, Program Committee and Communications Committee nominations September 12, 2011

Board member nominations close September 13, 2011
Bylaws amendments posted September 29, 2011
Ballot approved October 3, 2011
Voting for the 2011/2013 Board opens at 2:00 PM CST October 9, 2011
Committee nominations close October 11, 2011
Voting for the 2011/2013 Board closes at 5:00 PM CST October 11, 2011

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2011 Election Results


Candidate         Votes  
Steve Gibbard         84  
Sylvie LaPerriere         89  
Michael Smith         74  
Duane Wessels         86  
Bylaws         Votes  
Member structure ratification         79 yes 0 no
Committee Structure Simplification Rationale         78 yes 8 no

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2011 NANOG Board of Directors Candidates

All Board of Directors nominations should be sent to [email protected]


Terms Expiring: 

Steve Feldman *
Sylvie LaPerriere
Duane Wessels
Michael K. Smith (Completing a vacant seat on the Board)


Terms Not Expiring:

Patrick Gilmore
David Meyer
Richard Steenbergen

* Is term-limited and cannot be considered for re-election until October 2012.

You will need to have an ARO account to vote. To login to ARO or be reminded of your password please go here; - Voting is now closed

If you are a member, please go here to vote for the Board of Directors; - Voting is now closed

If you wish to openly support any or all of NANOG’s Board candidates, please fill in the Member Candidate Comment Form and submit to: [email protected]. Please write "Candidate Support" in the subject field. Your words of support will be listed below underneath the candidate’s name.


Nominations for the Open 2011 Board of Directors Positions are:

Steve Gibbard, Nominum Biography: Steve Gibbard is NANOG’s membership chair, and before that wrote NANOG’s bylaws as chair of the NewNOG governance committee.  He was one of the authors of the NANOG Reform document, calling for NANOG’s self-governance in 2004, and was one of the authors of the Merit NANOG Charter in 2005.

Steve is the Network Architect at Nominum, a DNS company, where he works on network infrastructure to support hosted DNS-related services.  He has worked in the Internet industry since 1996, with previous network engineering or architecture positions at GoGrid, Packet Clearing House, Cable and Wireless, Digital Island, and World Wide.

Click here to view Steve's responses to the Questionnaire to Board Candidates

Sylvie LaPerriere, Google

Biography: Sylvie LaPerrière has been an active builder of the global Internet Infrastructure, developing peering relationships with Internet players around the world and expanding the network in underserved markets via new undersea cables or satellite connectivity. She serves as Vice Chair of the Board of Directors for the North American Network Operators' Group (NANOG). 

At Google Inc., Sylvie is on the program management team building out the Internet connectivity and content distribution reach required to deliver Google services worldwide. While at Tata Communications Ltd, she pushed the expansion of its Internet backbone network into more than 25 new markets, had it circle the globe and achieved Tier1 status. 

Sylvie has 17 years of international business development experience for Internet, data and mobile telecommunications services. A frequent speaker on international panels, she received her Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Information Systems from École des Hautes Études Commerciales de Montréal.

Click here to view Sylvie's responses to the Questionnaire to Board Candidates

Michael K. Smith, AdHost

Biography: Michael Smith has been the Chair of the Communications Committee for the past year and an ex-officio member of the Steering Committee. He is also a key participant in the transition of NANOG to NewNOG, being involved directly in creating the financial and business model for the new organization while actively engaging in his role as CC Chair.

He is currently the CTO of Adhost Internet, LLC and has held senior networking positions in other organizations for the past 18 years. He has experience in Operations, Engineering and Business Development in regional and national networking organizations. He has been attending NANOG meetings since 1998.

Click here to view Michael's responses to the Questionnaire to Board Candidates

Duane Wessels, VeriSign

Biography: Following his college education in Physics and Telecommunications, Duane worked on the Squid/IRCache project at UCSD. For many years his company, The Measurement Factory, developed open source testing and measurement tools for HTTP and DNS. Recently he was the Director of the Domain Name System Operations Analysis and Research Center (DNS-OARC). Currently Duane researches DNSSEC deployment for VeriSign.

Click here to view Duane's responses to the Questionnaire to Board Candidates

Community will also be given an opportunity to comment on each candidate via the web.


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2011 NANOG Program Committee Candidates

All Program Committee nominations should be sent to [email protected]


Terms Expiring:

Cathy Aronson, Cascadeo Corporation

Jim Cowie, Renesys Corporation

Barry Greene, Juniper

Mohit Lad, ThousandEyes Inc.

Chris Morrow, Google, Inc.

Dani Roisman, The Planet

Sonia Sakovich


Terms Not Expiring: 

Nina Bargisen, TDC

Tom Daly, Dynamic Network Services, Inc.

Greg Dendy, Equinix

Ryan Donnelly, VeriSign

Kevin Epperson, Cisco Systems

David Meyer, Cisco Systems

Tom Scholl, nLayer Communications

Kevin Oberman, ESnet

David Temkin, Netflix



Nominations for the 2011 Program Committee Positions are:


Jim Cowie, Renesys Corporation

Biography: Jim Cowie is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Renesys Corporation.  Although best known to the NANOG community for his work on BGP routing dynamics and analysis of Internet transit markets, Jim's research roots are actually in high performance computing, parallel language compilation, and network modeling and simulation.  When the web was young, he authored one of the first web-based collaborative environments for large-integer factorization, and was part of the distributed research team that cracked RSA-130.   His current interests include Internet stability metrics and the economics of the developing world's Internet markets.  Jim received a BS in Computer Science from Yale University.

Statement of Interest:   I would appreciate the chance to continue to serve the NANOG community as a second-term member of the Program Committee.   Like me, the NANOG audience craves talks full of practical engineering experience, war stories, cautionary tales, and a touch of applied research (based on hard data rather than theory).  I especially love presentations that deliver unpleasant truths and elicit fireworks from the audience.   This year, I'd like to recruit more topical content that explores the linkages between North American network operations and the Internet of emerging markets, like those in the Middle East.  

Brian Deardorff, Level 3 Communications Biography: Brian Deardorff is a Senior Network Engineer at Level 3 Communications where he has worked on many technologies over the years including dial, VoIP, and IP.  He joined Level 3 in 1998 through the acquisition of XCOM Technologies.  Brian started his career in 1995 at TIAC, a regional ISP headquartered in the Boston area.
Paul Ebersman, Infoblox

Biography: Paul Ebersman has been supporting internet based services and networks  since 1984, including the building of the AS701 (UUNET) backbone. He has worked for service providers and vendors and been involved with standards testing, as well as having deep roots in the open source and DNS communities (ISC).

His current job is IPv6 evangelist at Infoblox, where his charter is public education and outreach in IPv6, as well as developing products that support and promote IPv6 usage.

Scott Ehnert, Spectrum Networks

Biography: Scott Ehnert has been attending NANOG meetings and various peering forums and events since 2004. He has been working in the networking field for 12 years, and has been an operator in content provider, broadband access, and transitive network environments.  

He began work at Speakeasy in 2005 as a Network Engineer. While there, Scott provided the network architecture for the Speakeasy VoIP platform. He ultimately served in a management role as Director of Network Engineering in addition to his engineering and operations duties.

Scott is currently CTO at Spectrum Networks, a regional network services provider based in Seattle. He is responsible for network engineering and all technical operations and personnel.

Igor Gashinsky, Yahoo! Biography: Igor Gashinsky is a principal architect at Yahoo!, where his responsibilities range from overall network design, including highly resilient datacenter and backbone switching and routing architecture, peering strategy, MPLS design, and L4-7 loadbalancing, to distributed and scalable content delivery methodologies, DNS architecture, and R&D into future technologies.
Greg Hankins, Brocade

Biography: Greg Hankins has been attending NANOG since 1998, first as a network operator and now as a hardware vendor. He also attends APRICOT, Euro-IX, various Peering Forums, RIPE, and regional operator conferences where he frequently speaks on network technology and operational topics.

Greg currently works as a Global Solutions Architect, Service Providers for Brocade. In this role, he works with service providers and Internet exchanges around the world as a technology evangelist, consulting engineer and customer advocate, and he’s an active member of the network operator and peering community.

His combined operator, customer, and vendor background gives him a unique view on current issues, topics and trends in the ISP operator community around the world.

In a past life, he organized four Annual Linux Showcase (ALS) conferences, hosted NANOG21, served on the 1998 FREENIX and 1999 O'Reilly Open Source conference program committees, and served on the Linux Journal magazine advisory board.

Manish Karir

Biography: Manish Karir has been an active participant in the NANOG community since 2005.  He is a frequent presenter at NANOG and over the past 6 years has had the opportunity to present over 11 times on a wide variety of topics including, BGP analysis tools, traffic analysis and visualization tools,  darknet traffic research, IRR enhancements, network reputation and RBL analysis, IPv4 address sharing techniques, and ARP/ND traffic studies.  His research interests include Internet measurement studies, and large scale network data collection and analysis. Manish is currently the Director of Research and Development at Merit Network Inc.

Statement of Intent: I am interested in serving on the Program committee in order to help continue the trend of an ever improving program agenda.  I have a unique exposure to both the network research as well as the network operations communities and actively look to bridge the divide between research and operations.  I hope to bring this exposure to the program committee in soliciting and selecting talks.

Mohit Lad,ThousandEyes

Biography: Mohit Lad is the co-founder and CEO of ThousandEyes, a startup in the network and application performance space. Prior to ThousandEyes, Mohit spent time at Nokia building various internal monitoring systems for Nokia's global network. He is passionate about building valuable services for the network operations community and in the past has been involved in systems such as LinkRank, PHAS and Cyclops, which were outcomes of collaborative research with colleagues at UCLA and Colorado State University. 

Statement of Intent: As you know, my term on the PC is expiring and I wanted to be considered for re-election for NANOG PC for the next term. One of my goals in being on the PC was to bring the practical side of academic research to NANOG and I have successfully organized research forums in the past and also recruited several University talks that have been well received. Going forward in addition to bridging the gap between Universities and Industry, I'd also like to engage the sysadmin converted network operators residing in the IT organizations that have often not even heard of NANOG.

Andrew Liu, Applied Physics Laboratory of Johns Hopkins University

Biography: Andy has worked in software development, Internet security, and network engineering for Planning Research Corporation, Trusted Information Systems, Intelsat, and JHUAPL. Andy received Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Electrical Engineering. He is currently part of the Network Architecture department.

Statement of Intent: I intend to help make NANOG and make it better by volunteering my time. I am willing to recruit presentations for each meeting.

Timothy J. Loecher, TEC

Biography: Tim is the Network Operations Supervisor at TEC, a Jackson MS-based technology solutions company which operates several rural ILEC’s, CLEC’s, and legacy cable companies throughout Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee.  Having been with TEC since 2000, Tim’s team is responsible for the day-to-day operations of a converged network delivering services including: high-speed Internet, IPTV, home security monitoring, Wi-Fi hotspots, OTT Video, and VoIP over such diverse transport mediums as: DSL, EoCu, EFM, FTTH, Active Ethernet, and WiMAX.  Additional team responsibilities include network planning & design, systems integration, network modeling, Traffic Engineering, and technical training.

Chris Malayter, Coresite

Biography:Chris Malayter is the Director of Network Engineering for Coresite. His day to day responsibilities include the management of the Any2 exchange, customer connecting active gear, and overall network architecture. He has in the past served as Chair of what is now the NANOG Communications Committee. Chris has extensive background experience including CLEC, ILEC, backbone, and Colocation. Chris is also a frequent visitor to APRICOT, Euro-IX, GPF, and other peering forums. 

John van Oppen, Spectrum Networks

Biography: John van Oppen has been building service provider networks for the last 10 years and private networks before that. As a founder of Spectrum Networks (AS11404), John has helped grow the company into a connectivity dense regional Ethernet backhaul and IP transit network. John's goals have always been for quality services and as such his interest center around designing infrastructures which can be scaled as traffic levels increase without impacting customer service levels or otherwise sacrificing technical quality.

Statement of intent: As a frequent NANOG attendee I feel like one of the best ways to give back to the community is to run for a seat on the PC and I feel that my input could be useful in helping to select content for the program.  I think the strength of NANOG depends on good content at all meetings and this is where I think I can help to make sure this continues into the future.

Brian Prater, Tata Communications Biography: Brian Prater has been involved in network engineering for the past 15 years with various service providers, starting in 1996 for Internet-MCI through acquisition by Cable and Wireless and subsequently Savvis.  He has been attending NANOG and other industry events since 1998.  He joined Tata Communications (fka. Teleglobe / VSNL) in 2007 and has held various positions within network engineering and architecture.  His is currently the peering coordinator for Tata Communications.
Dani Roisman, SoftLayer Technologies Biography: Dani Roisman is currently the VP of Network Operations at SoftLayer Technologies (merged with The Planet Internet Services in Nov 2010), where he oversees the teams that run the network supporting over 80,000 managed servers across 11 datacenters. Prior to SoftLayer/The Planet, he was the Senior Network Architect and Network Engineering Team Lead at Peak Web Consulting, and prior to that Director of Network Engineering and Facilities Architecture at Sony Online Entertainment. 

Dani has specialized in large content datacenters and networks, with a focus on peering and multi-homing to reduce costs, improve customer negotiating stance, as well as increased network capacity, performance, and fault-tolerance. His network design and implementation accomplishments include massively-multiplayer games (EverQuest, Star Wars Galaxies, and PlanetSide) and social networking deployments hosting over 5,000 servers across 9 datacenters with Internet bandwidth capacities reaching 250Gbps.

Jan Schaumann, Yahoo!

Biography: Jan Schaumann is a Systems Architect and Principal Paranoid at Yahoo!, a nice place to stay on the internet, where he worries about scalable infrastructure and conceptual integrity in systems architecture.  He is also a part-time instructor at Stevens Institute of Technology where he teaches
graduate classes in System Administration as well as in UNIX Programming. Jan can be reached at:jschaum at netmeister.org

Statement of Intent:
 If elected to the Program Committee, I would strive to help maintain and improve the quality of the conference program.  With a focus on the higher levels of the OSI stack, I would hope to provide a balance to a perhaps too network-centric review process as nowadays many technologies and research by necessity must go through the entire stack. I would welcome a chance to help encourage and guide first-time submitters or students and expand the reach of the organization across all areas of the industry.

Michael Sinatra,Energy Sciences Network (ESnet)

Biography: Michael Sinatra has been involved in network operations for more than a decade. For over eleven years, he worked as one of the two lead network operator/architects for UC Berkeley. There, he implemented anycast DNS, DNSSEC, and spearheaded IPv6 deployment on the campus. In early 2011, he joined the network engineering team of ESnet where he is currently working on deploying one of the first nationwide 100GE networks.

Michael has frequently disseminated his experiences deploying new technologies through presentations, talks, and tutorials at NANOG, the Internet2 meetings, and other community events. On rather short notice, Michael recently chaired a round-table and helped develop the program for the 2011 Chinese-American Networking Symposium in Kunming, China. He has attended NANOG on average of once per year since NANOG 27 in 2003. He has served on the program committees of the Internet2 Joint Techs conference and the CENIC regional conference.

Statement of Intent: My interest in serving on the NANOG PC stems from my goal of bringing the Research and Education community and Commercial community together in closer operational collaboration.  I believe I have the skills and experience (see bio) to help produce conference programs that are relevant to NANOG's operational mission while providing exposure to cutting-edge research and new technologies.  NANOG's meeting attendance continues to strengthen, providing both benefits and challenges to the organization.  I'd like to ensure that we provide our widening community with meetings filled with the operational content they need to know today, while giving them a glimpse of what's on the horizon and allowing them to expand their own field of expertise through tutorials and track sessions.  As an operator coming from the R&E community, I have learned a lot from NANOG over the years, and I want to see that cross-pollination continue and expand.

Tony Tauber, Comcast

Biography: Tony Tauber's past and present experience ranges broadly from architecture and design through on-going operations and evolution of large networks and at various layers of the protocol stack.  Of special interest are network management and instrumentation as well as visualization and structure of network information.

Currently, he is Principal Engineer and a founding member within the Backbone Network group at Comcast.

Previously, a stint at MIT Lincoln Lab followed nearly a decade working at BBN through mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs and sundry name changes including: NEARnet/BARRnet/SURAnet, BBN Planet, GTE Internetworking, Genuity, and Level3.

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2011 NANOG Communications Committee Candidates

All Communications Committee nominations should be sent to [email protected]


Terms Expiring:

Michael K. Smith, Adhost

Krist Foster, Bit Gravity


Terms Not Expiring:

Michienne Dixon, liNKCity

Scott Ehnert, Spectrum Networks

Randy Epstein, WV Fiber


Nominations for the Open 2011 Communications Committee Positions are:


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2011 NANOG Development Committee Candidates

All Development Committee nominations should be sent to [email protected] 


Terms Expiring:


Terms Not Expiring: 



Nominations for the Open 2011 Development Committee Positions are:



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