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NANOG Mailing List and Archives

NANOG maintains the NANOG mailing list, a vital email resource for the coordination of Internet services in the North American region and internationally. The NANOG mailing list is an open list and all are welcome to subscribe and read postings. All NANOG postings are archived and available for public search, providing a valuable resource for researchers and operators.

  • NANOG List Archive 

    The North American Network Operators Group (NANOG) list provides users with the opportunity to exchange technical information and discuss implementation issues that require community cooperation. Historical NANOG List Archive is also available. 

  • NANOG-futures List Archive 

    NANOG-futures was for discussion of the evolution of NANOG, including organizational structure, policies and procedures, and agendas for NANOG meetings. This is not an active list anymore.

  •  NANOG-job List Archive 

    The list is to be used for Job Postings on core routing and switching, Internet inter-domain routing, the domain name system, peering and interconnection and Internet core security, as well as associated areas with a direct impact on Internet architecture such as data centers and optical networking.



The mailing list archives are updated hourly, and the searchable index is updated nightly.