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The North American Network Operators Group (NANOG), is the professional association for the Internet engineering and architeture.  Our core focus is on continuous improvement of the data transmission technologies, practices, and facilites that make the internet function.

Meeting Schedule and Events

NANOG produces three NANOG Meetings each year. The Meetings are North America’s most significant Internet engineering events, with 500 to 600 delegates attending each conference. NANOG Meetings, which last three days, are carefully planned by the NANOG Program Committee and include plenary presentations of value to the entire Internet community as well as track sessions which allow for more intimate discussions between members of the community. As with the NANOG mailing list, NANOG Meetings are open to all, whether members or non-members.


All NANOG Meeting presentations are archived, and many sessions are live streamed and recorded. These archives are available to the public and form a major resource for the Internet engineering community.


General Session 

This single track of presentations is tightly focused on operational issues of concern to Internet backbone operators. Presentations generally last from 10 to 30 minutes. For more information on agenda topics, see the Call for Presentations and How to Give a Presentation at NANOG. 



Tutorials last from ninety minutes to three hours, and focus on introductory to moderate-level instruction for network operators. Some past topics have included:

  • BGP Multihominging Techniques
  • Best Practices for Determining the Traffic Matrix in IP Networks
  • Scaling Considerations in MPLS Networks 



Three or four BOFs are usually scheduled; each focuses on engineering problems and technical issues of common interest to attendees. Potential presenters should note that NANOG BOFs are in-depth technical discussions, not opportunities for marketing.

  • BGP Data Analysis BOF
  • ISP Security BOF
  • Peering BOF 


Beer 'n Gear!

The ever-popular "Beer 'n' Gear" even gives attendees a chance to socialize while checking out the latest equipment from sponsoring vendors.