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2010 NANOG Election Ballot



General Information

2010 Election Results

2010 Steering Committee Candidates

2010 Program Committee Candidates

2010 Communications Committee Candidates

2010 Charter Amendments 

Eligible Voters

NANOG Charter


General Information

2010 NANOG Elections General Information

Hello NANOGers!

Per the charter, we are approaching the annual NANOG election and appointment time. In addition to the series of "call for nominations" messages at the opening of each period, we thought to send an overview and time line ahead of the actual nominations opening. Hopefully this will get more of the eligible members of the community to consider standing for a role in one of the Committees that helps makes NANOG what it is. 

Please send nominations to [email protected]. If you are nominating another person, please provide that person's name and email address. If you are nominating yourself, please provide a Statement of Intent and a Biography, each with a suggested limit of 150 words. For samples, please see the 2009 candidate lists.


NANOG Steering Committee


The NANOG Steering Committee works closely with Merit to promote, support and improve NANOG. The Steering Committee is responsible for the selection of the Program Committee and the Communications Committee, and is the community's instrument for ensuring that the NANOG organization remains open, relevant and useful. 

Elections for three of the seven positions on the Steering Committee will be held in October 2010. The currently-serving Steering Committee members whose terms are expiring are Patrick Gilmore, Joe Provo, and Rob Seastrom. Joe has served two consecutive terms so per the charter, he cannot be considered for re-election until October 2011. 

Other than being an eligible voter, there are no restrictions on eligible candidates. Steering Committee members must commit to attending two out of every three annual NANOG meetings per the charter (6.2.6). A good candidate will have experience with Internet engineering, operations, and governance organizations as well as the principles and practices which guide them. Consensus organizing, leadership, outreach and communication skills are prized.


NANOG Program Committee


The Program Committee is a group of sixteen individuals from the NANOG community who together are responsible for the solicitation and selection of material for NANOG meeting programs.

A new Program Committee will be selected by the Steering Committee after the election in October. Eight positions are to be filled. The currently-serving Program Committee members whose terms are expiring are Nina Bargisen, Tom Daly, Brian Deardorff, Igor Gashinsky, Mike Hughes, David Meyer, Tom Scholl and Richard Steenbergen. BR>
Furthermore, Igor, Mike and Richard have all served two consecutive terms so per the charter, they cannot be considered for another Program Committee appointment until October 2011. 

Per the NANOG charter (6.2.1), eligible candidates are individuals who have attended at least one NANOG meeting in the past 12 months (one or more of NANOG 48, NANOG 49 or NANOG 50). Broad technical knowledge of Internet operations and familiarity with NANOG meetings are useful attributes. Having constructive opinions and ideas about how NANOG meetings might be improved is of high value.


NANOG Communications Committee


The Communications Committee is a group of five individuals from the NANOG community who together are responsible for the administration and moderation of the NANOG mailing lists. 

A new Communications Committee will be selected by the Steering Committee after the election in October. Two positions are to be filled. The currently-serving Communications Committee members whose terms are expiring are Randy Epstein and Tim Yocum. 

The main NANOG mailing list serves an important role in the community by providing a day-to-day forum for network operators. Participating as a member of the Communications Committee gives you the opportunity to make a noticeable contribution. The Communications Committee is covered under section 7.1.2 of the NANOG charter. 




If you care about NANOG as a set of fora and think you would like to take a turn at volunteering your time to help make it better, please consider either volunteering yourself or nominating someone else. 

Also, as NANOG evolves into a fully self-governed organization, these committees will play an increasingly important role in our success. By joining now, you can be an integral part of the process. 

For more information about the role of any committee, or to find out more about what's involved in being a committee member, please do consult the current NANOG charter or contact someone who is already serving and ask them directly. 


Steve Feldman
on behalf of the NANOG Steering Committee


Election Timeline
SC Nominations begin 8/2/2010
Charter discussed in Futures 8/24/2010
PC Nominations begin 8/24/2010
SC Candidate information posted/nominations close 8/30/2010
Call for Communications Committee nominations


Charter draft amendments posted on website 9/13/2010
Ballot approved 9/21/2010
Voting for the 2010/2011 NANOG SC opens at 12:00 EDT 10/3/2010
PC Candidate Information posted/nominations close 10/4/2010
Voting for the 2010/2011 NANOG SC closes at 09:15 EDT 10/6/2010

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2010 Election Results

Over 1,834 people were eligible to vote, with eligibility based on having attended at least one NANOG meeting in the past two years, beginning with NANOG44. 

Of those who were eligible to vote, 228 people have voted. Voters could choose up to three (3) candidates and two (2) ballot proposals. 

The voting mechanism was designed to ensure that each registered voter cast only one ballot. To respect privacy and protect confidentiality, the identity of the voter and the choices made on the ballot were decoupled so there is no way to know who voted for whom.


Winning Candidates

  • Patrick W. Gilmore, Akamai Technologies
  • Richard Steenbergen, nLayer Communications
  • Robert Seastrom, Afilias

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to everyone who voted! 

A special thank you to all the SC Candidates that put their name in the pool to run for a position.


Ballot Proposals

All Ballot Proposals passed.


The Results

Candidate         Votes  
Patrick W. Gilmore, Akamai Technologies         169  
Richard Steenbergen, nLayer Communications         158  
Robert Seastrom, Afilias         142  
Michael K. Smith, AdHost         73  
 John Osman, Consultant         34   
          576 Votes cast   
Ballot Proposal         Votes  
Transition NANOG activities from Merit to NewNOG         210 yes 16 no
Proposed NewNOG ByLaws changes         169 yes 26 no

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2010 NANOG Steering Committee Candidates

All Steering Committee nominations should be sent to [email protected]


Terms Expiring: 

Patrick Gilmore, Akamai Technologies
Joe Provo, ITA*
Robert Seastrom, ClueTrust


Terms Not Expiring:

Steve Feldman, CBS Interactive
Sylvie LaPerrière, Google
Duane Wessels, VeriSign
Andy Rosenzweig, Merit appointee

* Has served two consecutive terms so, as per the charter, person cannot be considered for re-election until October 2011. 


Nominations for the 3 Open 2010 SC Positions are:

Patrick W. Gilmore, Akamai Technologies   Statement of interest: As a member of the NANOG SC, I helped found NewNOG. I feel I have a responsibility to the community to see the process through. And, to be honest, I want to see it through. 

My platform is reasonably simple: If you agree with the direction the SC is taking today, you should vote for me. If not, you should not, and I will be happy to let others decide. 

Biography: Patrick W. Gilmore is principal architect at Akamai Technologies, where he has worked for over ten years. He currently oversees the Network Architecture department. Prior to Akamai, he worked at Onyx Network, Concentric Networks, and Priori Networks. 

He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the London Internet Exchange, a member of the Board of Directors of the Seattle Internet Exchange, and an Administrator of the PeeringDB. 

John Osmon, Consultant   Statement of interest: NANOG is a unique forum. The technical and social aspects are invaluable to anyone involved with the operational aspects of networks of any size. In my career, a number of important stepping stones existed simply because of what I've learned via NANOG presentations and/or via people I've met though NANOG. I felt honored when informed I'd been nominated for the Steering Committee of the organization. 

In the past, I've helped NANOG by sponsoring a meeting. I'm now in a position to devote time to helping via the Steering Committee, and would welcome the opportunity to do so. 

Biography: John Osmon has been working in edge/distribution networks since 1994 in academic and commercial settings. In the past decade, he's worked within several ISPs in New Mexico either directly, or via consulting contracts. He was technical/networking lead for an ISP and hosted PBX/VOIP provider that served the Rocky Mountain region in the late 2000s. 

John is currently a consultant, and helping guide a local ISP and data center. 

Robert Seastrom, Afilias   Statement of interest: When I first ran for election to the Steering Committee I had no idea of the changes in store for NANOG. I want to finish the work we've started, continue the evolution, and keep on striving to make NANOG serve the needs of the Community. That's why I'm standing for election to a second term on the NANOG Steering Committee. 

I am on the Board of Directors of two other not-for-profit organizations (not in the Internet sector), one of them as a corporate officer. I have a proven track record (including a two year term on the MLC (now called the Communications Committee), half of that as chair) of building consensus, leading by example, and demonstrating forbearance when dealing with contentious issues. If elected I'll continue to work on transparency and openness at all levels as we take NANOG to self-sufficiency. 

In my day job I work as part of the team that keeps Afilias' anycast nameserver cloud running smoothly. My professional background includes over twenty years of system administration, network design, roll-out, and operations (including pioneering networks in Japan and the Republic of Georgia), building data centers and content distribution networks, and service as a corporate officer and cofounder of both Internet-related and non-Internet-related non-profit corporations. I am presently serving my third term on the ARIN Advisory Council. 

Biography: Robert Seastrom is part of the team that keeps Afilias' anycast nameserver cloud running smoothly. His professional background includes over twenty years of system administration, network design, roll-out, and operations (including pioneering networks in Japan and the Republic of Georgia), building data centers and content distribution networks, and service as a corporate officer and cofounder of both Internet-related and non-Internet-related non-profit corporations. He is presently serving his third term on the ARIN Advisory Council. 

Michael K. Smith, AdHost   Statement of interest: Thank you for the opportunity to continue serving the NANOG community. As a Steering Committee Member, I will focus on:
  • Making sure NANOG continues its emphasis on rich, vendor-agnostic content.
  • The continued financial success of NANOG meetings.
  • The smooth transition of NANOG to NewNOG.
  • Ensuring that the transition in no way hurts the vibrancy of the pre-transition NANOG meetings.

Biography: Michael Smith has been the Chair of the Communications Committee for the past year and an ex-officio member of the Steering Committee. He is also a key participant in the transition of NANOG to NewNOG, being involved directly in creating the financial and business model for the new organization while actively engaging in his role as CC Chair. He is currently the CTO of Adhost Internet, LLC and has held senior networking positions in other organizations for the past 18 years. He has experience in Operations, Engineering and Business Development in regional and national networking organizations. He has been attending NANOG meetings since 1998. 

Richard Steenbergen, nLayer Communications   Statement of interest: I've been an active member of the NANOG community for 11 years, and for the past 4 years I've served on the NANOG Program Committee, helping put together the technical agenda for the meetings. Now that I'm term limited out of the PC, I have nothing better to do than to run for the Steering Committee. If you vote for me, please see my wife for some complimentary M&M's with a little picture of a RAS head on them. Limited time offer, first come first serve, while supplies last, etc. 

My platform is simple:

  • Promote policies which will keep the mailing list discussion on-topic, readable, and relevant.
  • Help NewNOG move forward with a technically robust and financially sound infrastructure following the transition.
  • Keep the PC stocked with experienced networking professionals who will put together good agendas.
  • Continue to make NANOG a vibrant forum for all network operators.

Biography: Richard Steenbergen is the co-founder of nLayer Communications, a respectably sized and profitable North American based IP backbone, where he currently serves as the Chief Technical Officer. Richard brings years of experience in practical techniques for network operators, and is a frequent contributor in many community forums. Previously, Richard served as a Senior Network Engineer at several large NSPs, and was the Senior Software Engineer responsible for developing optimized routing technologies at netVmg, Inc. 

Richard is also an active developer for tools and software used by the network operator community. Some notable projects include PeeringDB, a portal used by many networks to help coordinate their peering activities, and IRRPT, a software package used by ISPs to maintain IRR-based prefix filters. 


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2010 NANOG Program Committee Candidates

All Program Committee nominations should be sent to [email protected]


Terms Expiring:

Nina Bargisen, TDC

Tom Daly, Dynamic Network Services, Inc.

Brian Deardorff, Level 3 Communications

Igor Gashinsky, Yahoo!*

Mike Hughes, London Internet Exchange*

David Meyer, Cisco Systems

Tom Scholl, AT&T

Richard Steenbergen, nLayer Communications, Inc.*


Terms Not Expiring: 

Cathy Aronson, Cascadeo Corporation

Jim Cowie, Renesys Corporation

Barry Greene, Juniper

Mohit Lad, ThousandEyes Inc.

Chris Morrow, Google, Inc.

Kevin Oberman, ESnet

Dani Roisman, The Planet

Sonia Sakovich

Larry Blunk - Merit appointee


* Has served two consecutive terms so, as per the charter, person cannot be considered for re-election until October 2011.


Following are nominations for the PC as of 9 / 17 / 2010:

Mehmet Akcin, ICANN   Statement of interest: I have been actively helping on various NOGs. I am currently member of MENOG Program Committee which holds meetings in Middle Eastern region twice a year. I have been actively participating in NANOG and other NOG meetings which I believe helped me to decide to volunteer to help and improve the program committee at NANOG. I currently live in Los Angeles, USA and work for a non-profit. 

Biography: Mehmet is member of the team which is responsible engineering and operations of L.Root Server, DNSSEC Infrastructure, DNS Services at ICANN. 

Some of Mehmet's duties in the team are day to day operations of L-Root (AS20144) and global anycast planning and implementation. Mehmet is also member of the Root DNSSEC Team helping with the build of the facilities where The Key Signing Key & KSK Ceremonies are hosted. 

Mehmet was the Ceremony Administrator for the first and the second ROOT KSK Ceremonies where the current ROOT DNSSEC KSK was generated and ZSKs were signed. 

David Bannister, Cisco Systems   Statement of interest: I have been attending nanog over the past 14 years as a network operator and as a vendor. I would like the chance to give back to the community. 

Biography: David Bannister has over 28 years of experience in the networking industry covering network operations, network engineering, router software, system design and telecom regulation. He is currently the Network Architect for Cisco Webex's global backbone. Prior to joining the Webex group he spent 5 years involved with the architecture and evolution of IOS XR. He was a Principal Engineer at Sprintlink and Senior Network Engineer at Cable & Wireless (prior to the iMCI network aquisition). Early in his carrer he was involved with Cable Television regulation specific to technical compliance in Fairfax VA. He also ran Fairfax County's county wide video, voice and data network on a mixture of broadband RF and fiber optic transport. 

Nina Bargisen, TDC   Statement of interest: Nina's primary interest in the Program Committee is to focus on the operational content of the Agenda since she believes that network operations is and must continue to be at the core of the conference. 

Biography: Nina has worked at TDC, AS3292, the incumbent in Denmark and one of the leading ISPs in Scandinavia, since 1999, and currently works in the capacity planning group. She is responsible for all for all international interconnects for TDC and runs the IP registry and is part of the technical peering team at TDC. Other responsibilities include network planning, Traffic Engineering, budgeting, network modeling and network design. 

Nina has an M.Sc in Mathematics with minor in Computer Science from Århus University Denmark. 

Nina is a longtime, active member of the international network engineering community. She has attended NANOG once or twice per year since NANOG32 in October 2005. She has attended RIPE meetings regularly since 2004, and Co-Chaired the RIPE anti-spoofing task force in 2006. She has presented regularly at Nanog and Peering Forums. She has served one Term on the NANOG PC starting October 2008. 

John Brzozowski, Comcast   Statement of interest: Over the past several years I have been very active with the NANOG community, it is a group that I relate to very well. The NANOG community is one that very clearly understands the issues and challenges associated with deploying new technologies. Leading Comcast's IPv6 program over the past 5 years has allowed me to bring many of these experiences to the NANOG community, which I believe has been valuable. I would like to extend these contributions by joining the program committee to bring even more useful content to the NANOG community. 

Biography: At Comcast, John leads the firms deployment of IPv6. He leverages his expertise and experiences to drive the adoption and implementation of IPv6 ensuring that innovative solutions are in place to support traditional and next generation services. John has contributed significantly to many standards and technologies critical to the cable industry's adoption of IPv6, specifically those pertaining to voice, video, and data. He works closely with CableLabs on DOCSIS and PacketCable specifications and has contributed to IETF standards efforts. 

Prior to joining Comcast, while at Lucent Technologies, John served in a variety of technical roles. His innovative thinking was essential to the success of next generation product development efforts, which included IPv6, for Lucent Technologies' OSS software product suite. Acting as an IPv6 SME for the firm, John utilized his knowledge and industry contacts to fuel many IPv6 initiatives. He often worked with large enterprise and service provider customers developing comprehensive solutions and supporting large-scale deployments. 

John's work in the technical community currently includes acting as the chair of the MidAtlantic IPv6 Task Force, North American IPv6 Task Force Steering Committee member, and member of the IPv6 Forum. Through his work with these organization he helps to drive and support critical IPv6 activities regionally and nationally including but not limited to promoting IPv6 education, awareness, and of course adoption. John also serves as co-chair of the IETF DHC Working Group and co-chair of the MAAWG IPv6 sub-committee. 

Tom Daly, Dyn Inc.   Statement of interest: In a second PC term, I hope to continue to recruit quality and relevant content to the program that focuses on both small and large scale network operations. I'd also like to continue to vary the depth and breadth of the program by involving different and varied speakers and community members. I plan to continue to support the NewNOG transition efforts. 

Biography: Tom Daly is the President of Dynamic Network Services, Inc. (Dyn Inc.), a Manchester NH-based Internet Services company, best known for the dyndns.org DNS service. The company provides domain name, e-mail, monitoring, and disaster recovery solutions to clients utilizing the Company's worldwide network. Tom joined the company in 2001 and works on developing new products and services, expanding the company's geographic footprint in the US, Europe and Asia. He is the company's president and CTO. 

Prior to working at Dyn Inc., Tom worked for G4 Communications, Inc., one of NH's largest Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLEC). Tom graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He currently serves on the board of the New Hampshire High Tech Council and WPI's ECE Advisory Board. Tom has been attending NANOG since NANOG38. 

Brian Deardorff, Level 3 Communications   Statement of interest: Brian Deardorff is a Senior Network Engineer at Level 3 Communications where he has worked on many technologies over the years including dial, VoIP, and IP. He joined Level 3 in 1998 through the acquisition of XCOM Technologies. Brian started off working for an ISP in the Boston area in 1995. 

Biography: I am interested in staying on the program committee for another term in order to continue contributing to the success of NANOG. 

Greg Dendy, Equinix   Statement of interest: I'd like to develop the NANOG training talks into a formal training track, with the goal of drawing in more newcomers, and giving them more reasons to become comebackers. I'm also interested in creating a series of post-mortem talks, encouraging service providers to talk openly about outages to create a mass awareness of lessons learned. All this while working to maintain the conference tradition of rich vendor-neutral content throughout pre and post transition periods. 

Biography: Greg Dendy manages networks and engineers for Equinix in North America. He and his team of tireless engineers operate the Equinix Internet Exchange platforms and other networks including carrier ethernet, Metro DWDM and TDM/SONET platforms to a five nines uptime standard. Greg began his career with Pacific Bell/SBC Internet during the rollout of broadband in the mid/late 1990s, did time with @Home during the implosion of 2001 and has been working for Equinix since 2004. He received a BA from UC Santa Barbara and a MA from CSU Chico. 

Ryan Donnelly, VeriSign   Statement of interest: Over the past several years, I've been an active participant at NANOG events, and appreciate the leadership role that the organization plays within the Internet community. In supporting NANOG's conscientious and purposeful evolution, I would like, now more than ever, to ask for the opportunity to give something back to an organization that has given me so much, both professionally and personally. If appointed, I plan to continue the tradition of high-quality content, and hope to solicit that content from a range of new sources as diverse as the community that NANOG serves, free from the influences of vendors or advertisers. I also believe that new faces, and not just new content, are key to NANOG's ongoing viability, and plan to reach out to those individuals whenever possible. I believe that NANOG's unique strength of character and position in the industry comes from the integrity and diversity of its participants, and above all, I ask for the opportunity to help strengthen them. 

Biography: Ryan Donnelly currently manages the Shared Networks team at VeriSign, which is globally responsible for the company's IP backbone, transit, transport and peering arrangements. Ryan joined VeriSign in 2004, and has served in various capacities that span architecture, operations, and the vast territory in-between. Previously, Ryan held engineering roles at both UUNET and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Ryan's principal interests include interconnection, network automation and DNS, among many others. Ryan holds a B.B.A in Information Technology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

Kevin Epperson, Cisco Systems   Statement of interest: I have been a regular NANOG attendee since 1998 and served on the NANOG PC in 2004 and 2005. I would like to return to the PC to help contribute and shephed the neutral content that makes NANOG a great industry event. 

Biography: Kevin Epperson is currently with Cisco Systems where he works on long term solutions with a large backbone provider. Prior to this Kevin worked for 12 years at Level 3 Communications, LLC as a Senior Engineer and Engineering Manager with emphasis on peering, IPv6 and many other activities related to ISP operations. Additionally Kevin teaches a networking course on IP Routing at CU-Boulder in the Interdisciplinary Telecommunications Masters Program. 

Randy Epstein, BroadbandONE   Statement of interest: I have attended a number of NANOG meetings over the years, both in person and remotely. I feel there is going to be a need for an even stronger Program Committee moving forward with the transition away from Merit, and I truly believe I have a lot to offer the team with regards to both my business and technical knowledge. I feel I would be a great asset to ensure the success of the new organization and to provide attendees with the program that more than serves their needs and provides the value they expect from the organization. 

Biography: Randy Epstein is a 23 year veteran of the industry. He is President of BroadbandONE, a multi-national transit and transport provider as well as the Co-Founder and CIO of Host.net, an Inc.500 provider of enterprise/government Internet transit, transport, managed security, cloud computing and colocation services. Mr. Epstein serves on the Board of Directors of OCCAID, an IPv6 research and development network deployed globally to assist researchers and Internet service providers in their transition to next-generation IPv6 technology. Mr. Epstein has taken a keen interest in peering strategy and negotiation. Mr. Epstein formerly served on the NANOG MLC, put forth two NANOG Charter Amendments that passed in the 2009 election, and then served as Chairman during the transition to the NANOG Communications Committee. He currently serves on the NANOG CC. 

David Meyer, Cisco Systems   Statement of interest: I would like to continue on the PC. I've had a good year run as PC chair and have enjoyed participating in NANOG. I'd like to continue. 

Biography: David Meyer is currently a Distinguished Engineer at Cisco Systems, where he works on future directions for Internet technologies. He has been a member of the Internet Architecture Board (IAB) of the IETF, co-chair of the SPEERMINT working group, and chair of the MBONED, MSDP, and DNSOP working groups. He is also a member of several IETF directorates and IRTF research groups. He is also active in the operator community, and is a long standing member of the NANOG program committee (where he currently serves as chair). He is also active in other standards organizations such as ANSI T1X1. 

Prior to joining Cisco, he served as Senior Scientist, Chief Technologist and Director of IP Technology Development at Sprint. He is also Director of the Advanced Network Technology Center at the University of Oregon. Prior to working at Sprint, he worked at Cisco, where he was involved in software development, working both on multicast and BGP. One of his major projects at the University of Oregon is routeviews (see www.routeviews.org). 

See http://www.1-4-5.net/~dmm/vita.html for more information. 

Matt Peterson, Square, Inc.   Statement of interest: I'm interested in serving on the NANOG Program Committee for a number of reasons. First off, I'd like to see more "content provider" participation from the community. We have a number of active video, social network and other content focused attendees who should be strongly encouraged to present topics. I plan to prod both these members and bring others in from outside of the normal attendee realm, ie: load balancer manufacturers, colo facility manager, etc. Additionally, we have a growing membership of young late "twentysomethings" that are doing unique networking solutions; these too need encouragement to participate outside of IRC and the mailing lists. Finally, as someone who has solid A/V experience - I'd like to continue to enhance the streaming capabilities of the NANOG events. 

Biography: Matt Peterson leads network and systems operations at Square, Inc - AS15211. Mr. Peterson's career spans a diverse mixture of non-profit, start-up, enterprise and small business engagements. Matt is well known for his humble, education-without-drama attitude and approachable demeanor. Previously he installed ccTLD DNS root servers around the global and lead the operations team for one of the most profitable-per-megabit adult video services. The first non-profit Internet Exchange within San Francisco was co-founded by Matt in mid 2006. Mr. Peterson's work has been presented at numerous industry conferences, including: APRICOT, SANOG, BSDCon, Defcon and CCC Camp. While he may be one of the youngest PC candidates, he too remembers when the web was always a gray background and how amazing flat-rate ISDN was. He lives and works within the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Frank Scalzo, VeriSign   Biography: Frank has been working in the network operator community for the past 12 years. For the past 7 years Frank has held various operations and engineering positions at VeriSign. Prior to that Frank worked for various ISPs over 5 years, including a 2 year stint at UUNET/MCI/WorldCom. 
Tom Scholl, nLayer Communications   Statement of interest: I am currently a member of the PC who is up for re-election and I would like to have the pleasure of serving again. On the PC, I try hard to engage potential speakers to submit to NANOG on topics that would enlighten and inform the audience. I generally try to explore new areas of routing and network operations and try to share that with the community. I also will aim to keep the program clean of vendors trying to pass off marketing as a legitimate presentation as well as vendors trying to push an agenda not backed with technical merit. I have in the past and will continue to help future presenters (some who've never presented before) on polishing up their presentation for NANOG. I'll continue to try to bring good content and provide timely feedback to presenters. 

Biography: Tom Scholl currently is a Principal Network Engineer at nLayer Communications. He has worked in network engineering roles for the past 14 years and has been an active contributor to the NANOG program with several presentations. He previously was at SBC, which later acquired AT&T and was a key participant on network integrations with Cingular and SBC. While at AT&T, he was main contributor to their architecture of MPLS-TE, BGP and various other network architecture functions. Tom has worked in both engineering and operations roles and understand the needs of each individual group. Tom continues to try to distribute clue and help others when it comes to designing and operating networks. 

Dave Temkin, Netflix   Statement of interest: Watching the NANOG group grow over the past few years has been great, and helping in any way that I could - submitting content, sitting on panels, serving on the Marketing Working Group, and even hosting NANOG49 - which was a fantastic experience. The evolution of NANOG into NewNOG is exciting and helping to ensure that the stream of content that is presented at meetings is as important now as it has ever been. I believe that the quality of the program directly reflects on the quality of the organization and both need to be strong to be successful. 

Biography: Dave Temkin is the Network Engineering Manager at Netflix. At Netflix, he is responsible for network architecture and engineering, as well as CDN and data center operations. At Netflix, he has fostered adoption of IPv6 and continued to grow the network to support our amazing growth. He also hosted NANOG49 on behalf of Netflix. 

Before Netflix, he spent time at Yahoo! as the Layer 4-7 Network Architect, responsible for network load balancing. He also designed and built out the global network for Right Media, an online ad serving startup that was later acquired by Yahoo!. 

Prior to his involvement with these very internet-centric companies, Dave spent 10 years working for financial ASP's and enterprises, including leading the Network Architecture team at Lava Trading (a division of Citigroup) and served as the technical lead at Susquehanna International Group. Before that he worked with companies such as Gateway to bring their infrastructure to the metropolitan New York area. He started his career as a Junior Engineer in the Network Infrastructure Group at Bristol Myers Squibb, working his way up to Principal Network Engineer. 

Chris Woodfield, Yahoo   Statement of interest: I've been a NANOG mailing list subscriber for as long as I've been in the business, and attending NANOG meetings since 2006. I relish a chance to help shape the NANOG experience moving forward, and I believe I'm more than capable of making a solid contribution given my experience in the industry. 

I think the NANOG audience seeks a balance between cutting edge research presentations, and talks on tools, techniques and practices that operators can potentially implement the day they get home. A healthy social networking environment is just as important to our attendees, which we're all aware tends to be a lot harder than it looks to do effectively. It's not just selecting talks, but it's audience research, agenda sequencing, pacing, and in-flight corrections when needed that makes the experience as rewarding as it is. I'd like to help NANOG succeed on all of these points. 

Biography: Starting from humble beginnings working overnight shifts in the NOC of a long-gone internet startup - a vast improvement over his prior career in the commercial printing industry - Chris has been poking and prodding at routers, switches, and load balancers for the past 12 years. After rising through the ranks at Internap over a 10-year stint, he recently relocated to the Bay area to join Yahoo!, where he's focusing on data center infrastructure, L4-7 routing, and configuration automation systems. Chris also has a keen interest in CDN infrastructure and IPv6, particularly in data center environments.

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2010 NANOG Communications Committee Candidates

All Communications Committee nominations should be sent to [email protected]


Terms Expiring:

Randy Epstein, WV Fiber

Tim Yocum, Server Central Network


Terms Not Expiring:

Michael K. Smith, Adhost 

Kris Foster, Bit Gravity

Sue Joiner - Merit appointee


Nominations for the Open 2010 Communications Committee Positions are:

Michienne Dixon , liNKCity Statement of interest: I would like to volunteer to server on the NANOG Communications Committee. I have been on the mailing list for 3 years however, NANOG 50 is my first NANOG meeting. I believe that a community is only as strong (and viable) as its active members. This is one way that I feel that I can contribute to NANOG and its overall success. 

Biography: I am currently a network administrator for a small municipally owned ISP in North Kansas City, Missouri (3 yrs) but I have been in the industry for 10 years with a large portion of that time working as a network mercenary managing multiple enterprise networks and mail servers and communicating technical issues to upper-management. 

Scott Ehnert , Spectrum Networks Statement of interest: I am would like to contribute to NANOG operations by way of serving on the Communications Committee. I have good diplomatic skills to offer in this capacity, and look forward to the challenge of applying them in this context. 

Biography: Scott Ehnert is currently CTO at Spectrum Networks in Seattle. Prior to that he was with Speakeasy as head of network engineering. He has been attending NANOG meetings since 2004 and working in the industry since 1999.

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2010 Charter Amendments


This page list one proposed charter amendment for the October, 2010 NANOG election, to be held during NANOG50. Charter amendments may be placed on the ballot by petition or by a majority vote of the NANOG Steering Committee. 

The charter amendment will be presented at the NANOG50 Community Meeting, Sunday, October 3, beginning at 5:30 PM, EDT. The community will have an opportunity to discuss the proposed amendment at the meeting. 

The nanog-futures mailing list is the appropriate forum for public discussion of potential charter amendments.

Proposal 2010-1: Transition of NANOG activities from Merit to NewNOG


This is in the On Ballot state, meaning that the text has been approved by the Steering Committee and and placed on the ballot.

Proposal text: 

Add section 4.1 containing:

4.1 Termination of relationship to Merit 

Merit expects to cease hosting NANOG on a date to be determined following NANOG 51. NewNOG, a Delaware Not-For-Profit Corporation whose Board consists of the community-elected members of the NANOG Steering Committee, wishes to assume responsibility for continuing NANOG's activities. The NANOG community endorses NewNOG as the entity responsible for organizing NANOG. It is the desire of the NANOG community that NewNOG and Merit manage an orderly transition of the activity's operations and negotiate a transfer of relevant intellectual property.


This will amend the NANOG charter to enable the transition of the NANOG activity from Merit to NewNOG, and recognize the desire of the community that this should happen.


Eligible NANOG Voters 2010

Community members eligible to vote in the annual 2010 elections where those who attended at least one NANOG meeting in the previous two years.  Voters will only be eligible to vote once.


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