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2016 Board of Directors Candidates


Please note our elections software (BigPulse) will require you to register with a username and password the first time you access it. Also note you must be signed in to view list of candidates or make endorsements.  If you do not have an account with BigPulse you can register here: Register

NANOG Board of Directors

The NANOG Board of Directors is an active and engaged component of NANOG. The Board of Directors is responsible for and works closely with the Committee Chairs to promote, support, and improve NANOG. The Board ensures that the NANOG organization remains open, relevant, useful, and financially sound. The Board is also responsible for the selection of the new Program Committee and Communications Committee members. Elections for the Board of Directors will be held in October 2016. Two (2) positions are to be filled.

Per the bylaws, Board members must be NANOG members in good standing and must attend at least two of three yearly NANOG meetings while in office. Each candidate must declare any and all affiliation(s) relevant to NANOG, which will include his or her main employer, as well as any other major relationships (for instance, if a candidate's primary employer is a nonprofit entity which is sponsored by a vendor, the candidate would declare both the nonprofit and the vendor as affiliations).

All candidates will be notified of their nomination and will be asked to accept or decline the nomination. If accepted, they will be asked to complete an online questionnaire about their qualifications and their Declaration of Candidacy. Board of Director Candidates will be invited to make a short presentation during the Board Candidate Introductions session on Monday afternoon, 17-October, during NANOG 68.

A good candidate will have experience with Internet engineering, operations, and governance organizations as well as the principles and practices which guide them. Consensus organizing, leadership, outreach and communication skills are prized, and a willingness to be engaged in the governance process is required.

The NANOG 2016 Elections Process opens 15-August-2016. To nominate yourself or another person, please complete the online process. Please submit any questions to [email protected].

To view the Board Member Responsibilities, click HERE


  Terms Expiring:   Terms Not Expiring:
William Charnock, PacketFabric  Greg Dendy, Equinix
Daniel Golding, Google *  Ryan Donnelly, Salesforce.com
  Jezzibell Gilmore, PacketFabric
  Dave Temkin, Netflix

*Is term-limited and cannot be considered for re-election until October 2017.


2016 Board of Directors Candidates

Kevin Blumberg

William Charnock

Paul Ebersman

Paul Fischetti

Patrick Gilmore

Aaron Klink

All Board of Directors nominations should be made HERE through 15-September-2016.

Statements of support for NANOG Board Candidates can be made HERE through 12:00 CDT, 10-October-2016. Your words of support will be listed with the candidate's name.

REMINDER - Ballot voting will open at 8am Central on Monday 17-October-2016 and close at 12pm Central on Wednesday 19-October-2016.  NANOG Members as of noon Central on Friday 14-October-2016 will be eligible to vote.  Voting instructions will be sent to each member on Sunday 16-October-2016.