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2017 Proposed Bylaws Amendments

The NANOG Board suggests Bylaw Amendments from time to time, in order to make them better organized, more readable, and consistent with reality.  In most cases the intent is to leave the meaning of the existing bylaws unchanged, with specific exceptions which will be noted in the document.

Please send any comments and suggestions to the members mailing list or to the Board.


Changes to Section 7 relating to Standing Commitees language, and clarification of committee terms and organization.

Proposed ballot text:

Shall the Bylaws be amended by the following respective changes as outlined:

Section 7. Committees

Change  “The Board of Directors will create two standing committees to fulfill the NANOG mission. Those committees will be the Program Committee and the Communication Committee.”

to read “The Board of Directors will create one standing committee to fulfill the NANOG mission. That committee will be the Program Committee.”

Rationale:  Remove the Communications Committee from a standing committee, thus allowing the Board of Directors to appoint when needed as an Ad-Hoc committee.

Section 7.1 Standing Committees

Change “Each Standing Committee membership term shall be for two years, with the terms staggered such that as close to half of possible of the terms expire each year.”

to read “Each Standing Committee membership term should be for two years, with the terms staggered such that approximately half of the positions are up for appointment each year.”

Rationale: In October 2014 the awkward language “half of possible of the terms” was introduced.  This change makes the language clear and makes the requirement of half of the terms expiring each year slightly less rigid, which is important since the PC membership size is not fixed and because of how partial terms are filled.  For example: were the NANOG board to reduce PC membership one year from 20 to 16, likely less than half the terms (10 PC members who were not expiring, so 6 positions up for appointment, which is not half of 16) would be up for appointment and current PC members should not be forced to stand for appointment prior to the end of their appointed term.

Change "No member will serve more than two consecutive terms, although additional terms may be served after a one year interval."

to read “No member will serve more than two consecutive full terms on a specific committee. The term limit period for a mid-term appointment shall be calculated from the next annual term start date for the respective committee. Total term length should not exceed five consecutive years.Additional terms may be served after a one year absence from that given committee.”

Rationale: The current language is unclear as to handle a committee member who has filled a mid-term vacancy, and the intention of this language was to allow appointees to serve two full committee terms, and disregard any partial term service of a year or less caused by filling a mid-term vacancy.

Section 7.1.1 Program Committee

Change "There shall be sixteen Program Committee members"

to read "There shall be at least sixteen Program Committee members"

Rationale: The intention should be to secure a minimum, but the current language limits our ability to grow the committee should we determine we need additional members to help with increased workload.  The current example for such workload is the ongoing support for NANOG On The Road.

Delete the phrase  "with eight terms ending each year."

Rationale: Parent section 7.1 already states "with the terms staggered such that as close to half of possible of the terms expire each year."  That should be sufficient guidance for the Board and ED, and therefore there is no need for this redundant language.  Additionally, with the above recommended change, if we were to grow the program committee to greater than 16 members, it doesn't make sense to have a rule that specifically 8 of them should term expire each year.

Add the statement "The Program Committee shall self-organize and elect a Chair, Vice-Chair, and any other officers the committee deems are appropriate in order to fulfill its mission."

Add the statement “The Program Committee may identify specialized functions and organize subcommittees drawing from the Committee membership to focus on those functions.”

Delete section 7.1.2 Communications Committee