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2015 Election Results

Final results will be posted here after public announcement made during closing session of NANOG 65.

Board Candidates Elected October 2015

Huanhuan Jezzibell Gilmore

Ryan Donnelly

David Temkin


Bylaw Amendments for 2015

a) Replace section 7 with:

7. Committees

The Board of Directors will create two standing committees to fulfill the NANOG

mission. Those committees will be the Program Committee and the

Communication Committee.

c) Delete section 7.1.3 Development Committee

each annual election, the Board of Directors will

thus providing time between the

b) Replace section 7.1 with

7.1 Standing Committees

All members of Standing Committees must be Members in Good Standing of

NANOG. The chair of each committee will serve ex officio in a non-voting role on

the Board of Directors, in order to facilitate communication between the groups.

Each Standing Committee membership term shall be for two years, with the

terms staggered such that as close to half as possible of the terms expire each

year. No member will serve more than two consecutive terms, although

additional terms may be served after a one-year interval. After each annual

election, the Board of Directors will appoint new or returning Standing Committee

members to fill each position with an expiring term, and all other vacant positions.

The Board of Directors may at any time appoint a new member to serve the

remaining term of a vacant position. Each Standing Committee shall select a

chair after the annual Board appointments. A Standing Committee member may

be removed before the expiration of his or her term if at least five members of the

Board of Directors vote for the removal. No elected member of the Board of

Directors may serve concurrently on any Standing Committee. The Board of

Directors may appoint a Board member as liaison to each Standing Committee,

to observe committee activities and facilitate communication between the

committee and the Board.