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Subscribing to the NANOG Mailing Lists 


The NANOG mailing list provides a lively forum for announcements and discussion of topics of interest to the network operations community.

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For those who prefer not to receive individual copies of each message sent to the NANOG list, the digest combines multiple NANOG mailings into a single message that is delivered once a day or every few days, depending on traffic volume. You can request this option from the mailman subscription site. 

NANOG-Announce List

If you do not wish to read the general messages posted to the NANOG list, but only want to receive notifications from NANOG about upcoming NANOG meetings, join the NANOG-ANNOUNCE mailing list.

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The NANOG mailing list provides a forum for announcements of jobs. Postings can be sumbited via email here [email protected]

List Administrators   (Communication Committee, CC) 
To contact the NANOG list administrators, send email to [email protected]