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NANOG Presents

Routing Fundamentals

Sunday, Oct 6, 2013

Sheraton Wildhorse Pass in Phoenix, AZ, America’s fifth-largest city, the gateway to the Grand Canyon.


Operators!  Want to advance your Network Operations Career? 

New engineers!  Tired of escalations in the middle of the night?


This full-day course will teach you the theory and practice behind designing a reliable and stable network that is easier to troubleshoot and maintain.


Topics include:

Choosing and Implementing an IGP

Deploying BGP in a scalable manner

Peering policy creation and management

Practical uses of BGP communities in everyday routing policies

Considerations for merging networks

How to troubleshoot routing problems

The OSI model, Dijkstra and BGP routing algorithms and much more


Price and Registration: 

Includes a full day of instruction, lunch, snacks and a sponsored evening social where you can mingle with Internet industry veterans.

Price also includes access to the first day of NANOG 59 which takes place on October 7-9, 2013 and will offer a great opportunity to network with colleagues, freshen-up skills, learn advanced networking techniques, and discover new network applications.



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